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This is a Tumblr dedicated to the absolutely wonderful Alfred F. Jones from Axis Powers Hetalia.
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If you're looking for a certain pairing, just add /tagged/nationname to the end of the URL at the top. So, if you're looking for America/Canada, just add /tagged/canada to the URL.

Please feel free to ask questions or request things via the ask feature. Also, you can feel free to submit anything: pictures, videos, fan fiction, etc. All I ask is that if the submission is not your own work, you credit the creator properly.

Please read that post or else any of your own art/fic/whatever that you submit to me WILL NOT be credited.

Some of the images here may not be safe for work!

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TAKIN’ OFF ALL MY CLOTHES (CLOTHES), FEELIN’ OVER EXPOSED, SO I PUT BACK ALL OF MY CLOTHES (BACK ON, BACK ON) Alfred Fucking Jones (via dollarsu) (via birthbysleep) (via silvertipped) (via heckyeahclogspeoplesdashboards) (via spainzaku)